2008. április 29., kedd

Notre Dame de Rabas

I would like to write about an incredible
little chapel that is in the middle of forest
in France. There is nothing around it.
But...this chapel has a huge history and
I was so lucky to visit it.

As the legend says: Once upon a time a
group of hunter was following a deer in
the forest of St. Hubert. It was a very
very hot day and the people were very
thirsty. They have been suffering when
suddenly their horses found a spring. To
thank it for the nature they built a little
chapel next to the spring.

The first memory of the chapel is from
806. It said that three springs go from
Rabas to Befey.

In 1049 Pope Leo IX. came to visit the
famous chapel. During the centuries
the church of St. Arnold had the
authority above the chapel.

Unfortunatelly during the French Revolution
the chapel has been destroyed. Later it
has been rebuilt to give a shoulder for
people in the forest.

In 1884 the recostruction of the chapel
started by Abbé Cazin and Vicomte de
Coetlosquet offered three windows for
the chapel. It got the shape we can see

In every year, on the Monday of
Pentecot, lots of pilgrims come to visit
the famous chapel, Notre Dame de

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Kinga írta...

It's very nice Lilla! I hope I will see this little chapel one day. Maybe with you. :)
And I don't know what happened my first comment. I did not delete it... An interesting mistery...:)